Why choose powder fire extinguishers

Powder fire extinguishers are fire extinguishers that use a chemical powder as an extinguishing agent. They are suitable for extinguishing fires of class A (solid materials), class B (flammable liquids), class C (flammable gases) and class E (electrical equipment). Some characteristics of powder extinguishers are:

  • They are versatile and effective, as they can put out different types of fire with a single extinguisher.

  • They are fast and powerful, as the powder acts immediately on the fire and suffocates it.

  • They are safe to use on electrical equipment, as the powder does not conduct current and does not damages the components.

  • They are cheap and easy to maintain, as the powder has a long life and does not require special care.

Gielle also offers a complete fire extinguisher maintenance service to guarantee the correct functioning of all fire-fighting devices.

Characteristics of powder fire extinguishers

There are different types of extinguishing powders, which differ in the chemical composition and the class of fire they can put out. The main types of extinguishing powders are:

ABC powders: they are the most common and versatile, as they can extinguish fires of class A (solid materials), class B (flammable liquids) and class C (flammable gases). They are composed of monoammonium phosphate or sodium or potassium bicarbonate.
BC powders: they are suitable for extinguishing class B and C fires. They are composed of sodium or potassium bicarbonate or potassium chloride.
D powders: they are specific for extinguishing class D fires (flammable metals). They are composed of metallic salts such as sodium chloride, sodium sulphate or sodium carbonate.
E powders: they are specific for extinguishing class E fires (electrical equipment). They are composed of organic salts such as sodium gluconate or sodium citrate.

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Gielle has a wide range of portable and wheeled powder fire extinguishers, our technicians are at your disposal to advise you in choosing the most suitable product for your fire-fighting needs.

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    Fire extinguishers regulations

    Fire extinguishers regulations are rules and guidelines that specify the requirements and standards for fire extinguishers in different settings and situations. Fire extinguisher regulations may vary depending on the country, region, industry or authority that issues them.

    Some of the common aspects of fire extinguisher regulations are:

    • Fire extinguishers must be installed in easily accessible and visible places, close to exits and fire hazards.

    • Fire extinguishers must be appropriate for the class of fire they can extinguish (A, B, C, D o F).

    • Fire extinguishers must be maintained in good condition and checked periodically by qualified personnel.

    • Fire extinguishers must be installed at least 10cm from the floor up to a maximum of 1.5m. The exceptions are fire extinguishers heavier than 18kg, which can be installed up to 1.1m off the floor, and wheeled fire extinguishers that do not need to be lifted off the floor.

    fire extinguishers inspection

    Fire extinguishers disposal

    Gielle offers a complete fire extinguisher disposal service, it takes care of collecting and disposing of used or expired fire extinguishers in a safe way and in compliance with environmental standards. Our fire extinguisher disposal service offers many advantages.

    Complete service

    We take care of all stages of disposal, from collection to transport and recycling of fire extinguishers.

    Certified company

    We guarantee the traceability and documentation of the disposal, providing the necessary certificates.

    Save time and money

    We take care of everything! You also won’t have to worry about fines or penalties for improper disposal.

    Safeguard the environment

    The disposal service reduces the impact of fire extinguishers on waste and promotes their recovery and reuse.


    Fire protection systems

    We offer solutions with natural or chemical extinguishing agents, gas/water-combined as well as water mist solutions.


    Fire extinguishers

    Gielle offers a huge selection of quality fire extinguishers with a wide range of approvals including CE Mark and more.


    Fire systems maintenance

    Fire protection systems require regular servicing to run at optimum performance and effectively combat fire.


    International Halon Bank

    Gielle is authorized halon banking and reception facility for halon recovery and recycling activities.


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