Halotron products are halocarbon-based clean fire extinguishing agents with a wide variety of commercial, industrial, maritime and military applications. They are discharged either as a rapidly evaporating liquid (Halotron I) or gas (Halotron II) that leaves no residue. This minimizes or eliminates the potential damage to valuable assets like electronic equipment, machinery, motors and construction materials that is typical of conventional dry chemical–based extinguishing agents.

Halotron products are environmentally acceptable under the U.S. EPA’s SNAP program as well as other regulatory programs, and are sold throughout the world.

Halotron I

Halotron I is discharged as a rapidly evaporating liquid, with a throw length of 6 to 45 feet (1.8 to 13.7 meters). Its relatively high boiling point of 80.6°F (27°C) gives it an advantage over other clean extinguishing agents, which tend to have lower boiling points and therefore evaporate sooner, limiting their throw length and overall effectiveness to the non-expert firefighter.

Also, unlike traditional dry chemical agents such as monoammonium phosphate (ABC Dry Chemical) or potassium bicarbonate (Purple K), which can be corrosive, Halotron I is a clean agent that leaves no residue after application, and consequently inflicts little to no collateral damage on equipment in the vicinity of the fire.

Halotron II

Halotron II is a clean total flooding agent based on HFC-134a (CH2FCF3), HFC-125 (CHF2CF3) and carbon dioxide (CO2). It replaces halon 1301 with great effectiveness in certain applications. It is primarily distributed in Sweden and Finland, but is also approved under the U.S. EPA SNAP program, subject to usage limitations.

Hardware and Services
Hardware and Services are also offered. These include Halotron filling equipment and related parts, bulk tanks of various sizes, and on-site training and consultation.

Halotron™ is a trademark of American Pacific


FM-200 fire systems

Design, supply, and installation of gaseous fire fighting systems based on FM-200.


3M™ Novec™ 1230 systems

Clean agent suppression systems using 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fluid, turnkey solutions.


International Halon Bank

Gielle is authorized halon banking for halon recovery and recycling activities.


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