Protect your industrial facility from fire and dust explosion hazards

Spark fire suppression systems are designed to detect and eliminate ignition sources before they reach dust explosion prone areas, such as filters, silos, and hoppers. They use advanced spark detection technology and rapid water mist extinguishing to prevent fires and explosions in pneumatic dust collection and air filtration systems.

Spark fire suppression systems

Spark fire suppression systems are suitable for a wide range of industries that handle combustible dusts, such as wood processing, metalworking, food processing, recycling, and biomass. They are the only preventive fire protection solution that can reduce the risk of fire and explosion by removing one of the essential elements: the ignition source.

Spark fire suppression systems are easy to install, operate, and maintain. They are compatible with various types of equipment and processes, and can be customized to meet your specific needs and requirements. They are also backed by a global network of experienced fire protection experts who can provide design, supply, and service support.


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    Benefits of Spark Fire Suppression Systems

    Our cutting-edge technology ensures proactive fire protection for your facility

    Early Detection

    innovative sensor technology

    Our spark fire suppression systems are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and detectors that quickly identify sparks, hot particles, or embers at their source. Early detection enables immediate action, preventing fires before they can spread.

    Swift Suppression

    mil­li­seconds response time

    Upon detection, our systems activate a com­plete water screen in the trans­port pipe, rapidly suppressing sparks and preventing fire escalation. Swift suppression minimizes damage, downtime, and potential harm to personnel.

    Seamless Integration

    reduce downtimes

    Our systems seamlessly integrate with your existing fire protection infrastructure, complementing other suppression systems in place and providing comprehensive fire safety coverage throughout your facility.


    Fire protection systems

    We offer solutions with natural or chemical extinguishing agents, gas/water-combined as well as water mist solutions.


    Fire extinguishers

    Gielle offers a huge selection of quality fire extinguishers with a wide range of approvals including CE Mark and more.


    Fire systems maintenance

    Fire protection systems require regular servicing to run at optimum performance and effectively combat fire.


    International Halon Bank

    Gielle is authorized halon banking and reception facility for halon recovery and recycling activities.


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