Foam Fire Extinguishing System

Foam extinguishing systems use foam monitors, sprinklers or nozzles to create large-scale foam blankets that cover the burning material, put out the fire and prevent it from re-igniting. Foam extinguishing systems are ideal for protecting high-risk areas, such as those with flammable liquids or plastics. The foam can be adjusted from low to very high expansion, depending on the type of risk, to achieve the best extinguishing effect.

Low expansion foam

Low expansion foam grows up to 20 times its liquid size and can flow far for long distance use. This foam sticks well and is dense, so high wind conditions do not affect it much, making it very effective outdoors, such as on helipads and ships. It can moisten solid surfaces and also protect them by forming a thick foam layer that cools and blocks vapors.

Medium expansion foam

Medium expansion foam grows from 20 to 200 times its liquid size. It has similar properties to low expansion foam, but it can create a bigger blanket. However, it is not as dense, so high wind conditions can affect it more in an outdoor application.

High expansion foam

High expansion foam grows more than 200 times its liquid size and uses more air and less water. It makes big bubbles fast and makes a deep layer of fire-fighting foam. These applications are only for indoor use in places like aircraft hangers, warehouses, or enclosed rooms because they are very sensitive to wind.

With both low and high expansion foam systems, once a facility has been evaluated, either an ‘Aspirating’ or ‘Non-Aspirating’ discharge device will be recommended, based on the facilities requirements.

For maximum effectiveness the expansion ratio, discharge device and foam concentrate must be correct. With our knowledge and expertise, Gielle can recommend the most appropriate devices for your situation.


Foam extinguishing systems are the most effective fire protection for high risk area, particularly in the fire categories A and B.

Perfectly aligned components are supplied in line with the individual needs of clients and according to respective fire protection requirements.

  • Foam sprinklers and nozzles

  • Foam maker/foam chamber/foam pourer

  • Foam monitor for external use

  • High expansion foam generator

  • Direct Alarm foam

  • Foaming agent concentrate


FM-200 fire systems

Design, supply, and installation of gaseous fire fighting systems based on FM-200.


3M™ Novec™ 1230 systems

Clean agent suppression systems using 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fluid, turnkey solutions.


International Halon Bank

Gielle is authorized halon banking for halon recovery and recycling activities.


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